Kusvirwa neMurume weShamwari yangu PART 3 – Sviro NON STOP & Cathy Joins in!!!


Kusvirwa neMurume weShamwari yangu PART 3 – Sviro NON STOP & Cathy Joins in!!! Cathy told Tino to start KISSING me and she told me it was fine and she went and took a seat and watched us….. Check Part 2 to understand this section of the story.

Tino somehow was not shy at all and it took me a few minutes to adjust to the situation yekusvirwa nemurume weshamwari yangu when the wife is looking at me. But once Tino paakabata that special meat haa i lost it and immediately got into it. Zvekuti my friend was there i forgot and started kutomukisser heavy. Nyere dzanga dzandibata heavy and i stood and manage to tell Tino to follow me to the bedroom. Cathy followed us and sat on the bed next to us. I look at her and she nodded her head and that was it.

I moved on top of Tino and started grinding on him hangu kissing him also. I closed my eyes and was in dream land. Tino knew what he was doing and she seemed like a pro. I opened my eyes when i felt another set of hands on me and it was Cathy who at that moment was completely N-aked. Akatanga kundibata musana and moved kumazamu angu akaita zvekutsunya nyatso kudai and she knew exactly how i wanted them pinched to the right tune. She told me to lift up for a bit and she put a hand under me ndokuvhura zip yaTino. Akamubvisa short rake and told me to sit back down.


I was the only one aive nehembe and so in a swift move ndakabvisa top and Tino akabva anditi ndibvise zvese. I agreed and sat back down pamboro yake yakamira zvehasha. Cathy was busy nene nekumashure Tino was laying down facing up in pamusoro pake. Akaisa her hand betwwen us achibata mboro yaTino and akaisa mukati mangu. I felt happy kuti she did that as i couldn’t take the suspense anymore. Ndakainzwa yese ichipinda mukati mangu and i smiled and took it all, hanti i had permission ko ndaityei. Tino akandibata paHipline pangu and started to lift me up then down slow at first. Ndaitambisa waistline as best as i could considering Cathy had mazamu angu mumaoko ake and aindikisser mumaoko ake.

Tino akasimukira and i knew what he wanted so i gave him room and akatanga kukoira zvine power ari pasi kudaro. Cathy akatanga kudaidzira zvinyadzi telling Tino to get me pregnant immediately. Tino akaita kunge aive paRace yekuda kutunda achisvira non stop and its that moment i realised why Cathy was always saying tino anenge Young Kells muSvirorist. Masasi i tell you ndakasvirwa musi uyu and i enjoyed every bit. Tino akatunda but somehow haana kumira kusvira he kept his pace and ndakanzwa kunge mboro yake yazvimba. Akazoscreamer achitunda futi i wondered how it was possible kutunda twice in a space of 5 minutes. Ndakagara ndakatarisa Tino and Cathy came and laid down next to Tino looking at me also and mouthed “thank you…” I simply said its fine..

Thanks Masasi for sharing my story… More to come but in a new Title…


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