Kusvirwa neVarume 4 Ku Bachelor Party in Victoria Falls


Kusvirwa neVarume 4 Ku Bachelor Party in Victoria Falls.. Hi Masasi how are you doing my name is Chrissie and i am a party planner based in Vic Falls in Zimbabwe. I am sending you this article to publish on you site… About a month ago i go a call from my VIP client based in UK telling me that she recommended her brother to come down to Zimbabwe in Vic Falls for his Bachelor Party and so i they recommended me to handle it… So i was happy as i knew there would be lots of money in this dry Zimbabwe economy.

I sent them the quote in pounds and i made a chilling. They paid hald and half was to come when the party was done. So i prepared everything from accommodation to the dancer who was supposed to entertain the gentlemen at the party… I hired a woman who dances at Private Lounge i think her name was Monalisa i am not sure if that was her real name but i knew she could dance because i have worked with her for a few events in Harare.

Friday night was the day of the party and the guys arrived Thursday morning and i had arranged with my contacts for them to have a comfortable stay and everything seemed to be in order. I met up with them Friday afternoon and i showed them the venue for the party and gave them the itinerary of the whole thing… I was surprised to see that all 4 guys were from Zimbabwe or rather were born here in Zimbabwe but grew up in the UK. The groom was Gerald and the best man was Tawanda. Joe was more like my type tall and strong… Then there was Aleck who looked like a movie star but was just too short for my liking… I didn’t give the groom a second look and the best man hand a wedding band on so that was it for me. I have nothing again married men but after i was caught poking a married man a few yrs back i made a promise to myself that NEVER AGAIN…


Everything was in order and so i gave Mona a call and she was on voicemail, i figured she might be on the plane coming… So i gave her another 30 minutes then called again BUT still no answer… I was getting worried now.. I had to get a replacement dancer in a very limited time and i knew it was difficult… An hour later i got an sms from Mona who said she was stuck in Hwange on her way. I knew i was doomed because party was starting kuma 5 and it was 2PM there was no way i could drive to Hwange and back to Falls in 3 hours… So i had to think fast..

Kusvirwa nerume 4

I used the honest approach and spoke to the best man Tawanda who laughingly said “why don’t you just dance and be the entertainment” I said NO WAY but a few minutes later i was wondering if i could really pull it off as a dancer… I said for 3000 Pounds i can do anything… That was the half that was left for the party preps… I told the guys to go to the lodge where the party was taking place and i rushed to look around for videos of what happens at such parties and thanks to Channel O and Trace Urban i managed to learn a few dance moves.. It was around 7 when i got to the party and the guys were having fun drinking and smoking cigars yea the real ones.. I came with my assistant Dalene who went in first and dimmed the lights… I came in and danced and twerked and went to the Groom and gave him my best performance…

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