Kuziva Mboro Huudzwa nevamwe…. kubvuma kuti mboro inonaka!!!


Kuziva Mboro Huudzwa nevamwe…. kubvuma kuti mboro inonaka!!! I don’t know kuti is it me or pamwe its the men i met but ever since ndakatanga kusvirwa, i have never really enjoyed kunaka kwemboro… Until this one day ndakabvuma kuti sure mboro inonaka.

I had been teaching in Chiredzi for the past 3 years and finially i was given the transfer that i so much wanted and moved to teach in Glen Norah C in Harare. All i wanted was to move to Harare because i wanted to study more at UNISA so Chiredzi was a bit rural as far as internet connections were concerned. There i quickly became friends with this beautiful lady, she seemed caring but most off all aida mafaro…. Her name was Joice….

Joice was funny and was always smiling and most of all she encourage me kuti ndiratidze runako rwangu… We got close and i explained to her that since ndisvirwe sviro is just something else for me and handisati ndambotunda. Joice said she knew someone who could help me and so she called a woman who was introduced to me as Tete Molly… She was very light in complexion zvekuti from far i thought this Tete Molly was a serial Skin Bleacher… But upclose i noticed no she was light and had a smooth skin i even felt jealous…


Tete Molly was kinda quiet but she seemed to be busy always and then we spoke about my problem… Tete Molly said: “Kuziva Mboro huudzwa rega ndikuratidze vasviri chaivo…” Ok i am not a prude or anything like that but hearing say that VASVIRI i felt the chills in my spine. I was hooked up to some guy anonzi Jonso Mudapakati and umwe anonzi Young Kells then umwe anonzi Bonzo… Hanzi take your pic so i chose uyo anonzi Kells only coz ndiya aive nezita raive risiri funny to me.

Kells akasvika at my place in town kumaAvenues where i was sharing a Flat with Joice Makuhwa and he was driving an old Toyota corolla and just seeing him ndakati haa nhasi ndasangana nezvimwe. He smiled and said hie and i invited him.. He greeted Joice who was seated in the Lounge and i led him to my bedroom. As soon as the door closed behind us he was all over me.. I didn’t even breathe and already i had a tongue in my mouth…

Last year when i went to SA


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