Kwekwe polytechnic restructures management to accommodate acting vice principal


Kwekwe polytechnic is reportedly restructuring management to accommodate acting vice principal who allegedly failed to secure post as substantive vice principal

Sources from the institution indicated that one Mary Molly Mapanga was not successful in interviews for vice principal at the Kwekwe Polytechnic.

“She masterminded the plan for management restructuring to keep herself  in the senior management though she was to be taken back to lecturing. she is corrupt and still has signing powers over the Polys finances. She has a network of rumour mongers and spies who assist her cover up her bad management and runs the Poly like her personal business,” said the furious source.


The source said Mapanga spearheads the victimisation of staff members who try to advance themselves educationally so that they remain low level staff.

“Her sidekicks who continue to cause havoc at the Poly and assist in victimising staff are Mrs Marandure from the degree program, Letty Sibanda head of on the job training, Josephine Mwayi-Mapenduka, Mrs Chigome, Mrs Zinyemba, Sandra Tauzeni head of commerce,” said the source.



The new vice principal who was appointed is sidelined and does petty jobs. Mrs Mapanga is still heading examinations yet it is meant to be the vice principal so that she can get allowances. She addresses all work related issues with Letty Sibanda sitting in her office which is not professional and violates the secrecy act.”

The source said Mapanga bought tiles for the polys pavillion and diverted some of the tiles to her house for personal use.

“This was done with the assistance of the procurement officer Miss Piki. Mapanga sublets the canteen catering equipment illegally together with the canteen manager Mrs Furusa and pocket the money for their personal use.”

The source said when there are staff member funerals Mapanga ferries church members from dutch reformed church Kwekwe using company bus but refuses to go with members of staff.

“She continues to represent the institution yet she does not have a substantive post except being a lecturer. For her personal functions she uses kitchen staff and diverts some of the institutions kitchen resources like food to her personal events. Her new job title is director of corporate affairs,” said the source.

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