Lady Squanda Has Message For Her Fans


Lady Squanda has apologised for beating up comedian Skimbo Matika saying emotions got the better of her.


lady squanda



I am sincerely sorry that I have to cause this much drama to my fans. However, I only have myself to blame with all of my carelessness,
causing this scandal after I have been carried away with emotions, which
led me to a bad decision with my fellows. To all my fans who continue in believing in me they have made it clear to me that I have made a big mistake.

I can’t dare to say anything but apologise for this incident and showing you all disappointment, and in the future I will avoid these kinds of situations and I will sincerely reflect, as an after 8 member and work harder and harder to become a better person.

Many fans have already gotten wounds and hurt hearts from what my actions have done, and I can only apologise for that. I hope my fans can once again believe in me and my efforts. Once again, I would like to say to my fans that I am sincerely sorry

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