Lady Squanda holed up in South Africa fears arrest over assault


Controversial Zim Dancehall singer Sandra Muchaneta Gazi – also known as Lady Squanda is still holed up in South Africa and is desperate for forgiveness from comedian, Tinashe Matika aka Skimbo who she assaulted on video before fleeing out of Zimbabwe due to fear of arrest

The shocking video which showed Squanda assaulting Abra Skimbo with the help of a male companion who was helping in the attack while filming it made waves on social media a few weeks ago; angering fans to the extent of calling for Squanda’s arrest.

Squanda has since fled from the country and is currently in South Africa desperate for Skimbo to forgive her and drop the charges said the two artistes’ promoter, Simba ‘BodySlam’ Chakare.


“I’ve tried talking to her and she wants Skimbo’s forgiveness but because she recently went on to release a track titled Tsoka Yangu it has became difficult for Skimbo to forgive her,” said Chakare.

He added that he had tried to help her by posting on Facebook that Lady Squanda needed Skimbo’s forgiveness but fans went berserk and still said she deserved to be punished for her behaviour.

Chakare said that however the assault had turned into a blessing in disguise for Skimbo as he had received sympathy from several Zimbabweans across the globe and he would also be touring the United Kingdom Soon.


Speaking to Nehanda Radio from Abhu Dhabi in transit to the United Kingdom over a telephone interview, Chakare said:

“When I’m back in Zimbabwe I will try my best to talk to Skimbo and make him see the importance of forgiveness.”

Chakare also added that it was difficult for Squanda to continue living outside the country with no work as she needed means of survival as well as take care of her grandmother who she looked after in Zimbabwe before the escape.

This came after Squanda was offended by a comedy sketch done by Skimbo, who presents Ziso Regondo TV, in which he made reference to a story covered by the newspapers alleging that the singer had stolen items from a lodge she was booked in.

Skimbo appeared to have been bundled into a vehicle (possible abduction) and was being assaulted while trapped in the back seat. Squanda delivers several blows to the head while being emboldened by the man filming the attack who was also helping in the assault.

Following that incident on video social media erupted with many furious Zimbabweans demanding Squanda’s arrest and vowing to boycott her shows and urging radio stations not to play her music over the sickening attack.

Chakare quickly announced that he had dropped Lady Squanda from the list of artists touring the UK in September.

Efforts to reach both the artistes were futile


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