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TWO self-confessed pr_ostitutes, who admitted to holding hostage their client and confiscating his items forcing him to pay extra money after having a th_reesome in Harare’s Avenue Area, were ordered to perform community service.

Nyasha Hodzi, of Glen View 3 and Thabeth Mazendame of Athlone Gweru were each ordered to perform 105 hours of unpaid work and paying back Robert Machovo the money they had taken from him.

The two were each ordered to pay US$25 to pay back Robert his US$50 they had taken.Magistrate Arnold Maburo had initially sentenced the two to seven months in jail before suspending three months on condition that they do not commit a similar offence within the next five years.


Another month was set aside on condition that they each pay US$25 to Robert.


The remaining three months were set aside on condition that they perform unpaid work.

They were being charged with extortion.

“I admit to the offence.

“But he gave me his phone on his own and he promised to return and get it after bringing the remaining money.

“He approached me saying he wanted a ‘short-time’ and I charged him US$5,” said Nyasha.

Thabeth also admitted to the charge saying she wanted Robert to pay US$100 for her services.

He indicated that he wanted to have se_x with both of us.

“The US$5 that he had initially paid was for kutenga bonde not for having se_x. I sucked his manhood and I wanted US$100 for the service,” she said.

Asked if Robert gave them his phone by consent or not, Nyasha said that he handed her his phone and promised to return to take it after raising the money which they wanted.

Nyasha also told the court that Robert was willing to pay an extra dollar for the ‘extras’ provided during the threesome.

She also told the court that they only took US$50 plus the US$6 that he had initially given them not the US$80 that the State was alleging.

Robert admitted to have lost US$50 to the two thigh vendors when the State counsel Nyikadzino Machingura asked about the money that had been taken by Nyasha and Thabeth.

Circumstances leading to the two’s arrest are that on Independence Day at around 3am Robert went to Hendon Court with intention to quench his sexual thirst.

He then met Nyasha who charged him US$5 for her services.

The two agreed and entered into Nyasha’s apartment before Robert suggested that they take in Thabeth for a threesome.

After quenching his sexual appetite, Robert is said to have handed Nyasha the agreed US$5.

But the 21-year-old hooker and her friend refused the money saying Robert was supposed to add some more cash.

Nyasha and Thabeth allegedly grabbed Robert before they started searching him.

Accusations are that they took his cellphone, US$80, jacket and car keys.

They are said to have promised Robert his belongings in the event that he pays the extra-cash that Nyasha was demanding.

Irked by the two’s actions, Robert took the matter to the police.

Source-H Metro

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