LATEST on Harare woman who hired fake in-laws to receive her lobola money


RELATIVES of Purity Mazvita Mutazu who received her lobola using her friends as her parents are up against the fake in-laws claiming that the US1500 paid was to cover up for when Kufakunesu Chirenje raped Purity.

Purity’s elder sister Mercy Mutukwa threatened to take action against Emma and Brian along with all the people involved in receiving the lobola from Chirenje.

“You could have spoken to my mother but she left to Rusape to harvest her crops,”said Mercy.


“Emma and her other friends were engaged by Purity to receive her lobola from Chirenje when we were expecting Purity and Oscar to wed this year.

“The US$1500 they received was meant for damages not lobola since Chirenje had raped Purity during their trip to Tanzania.

“Oscar is the man to marry Purity as far as we are concerned but Chirenje is up to destroy the relationship maybe that is the reason why Purity engaged her friends in receiving the money.

“These criminals (Brian and Emma)must be arrested and face the wrath of the law for faking relationship and destroying Purity’s relationship with Oscar.

“We heard that Brian is a taxi driver aizviita hanzvadzi yamai vaPurity ozviita hanzvadzi yaPurity achiudza Chirenje milking him of cash,”said Mercy.

Mercy said Chirenje raped Purity and is up to destroying her relationship with Oscar Mandeya.

“Chirenje lured Purity claiming that he had facilitated for her employment in Tanzania where he took her and raped her there.

“What is now irking us is that he is sending insulting messages to Oscar who has plans for a wedding with Purity in August.

“Purity,along with Chirenje,were involved in an accident as they quarreled over their relationship;Chirenje had learnt from Purity’s mobile phone that they were planning for a wedding .

“Chirenje visited me here at Warren Park since I am the eldest sister to Purity ,this was after he lost his money to Emma and Brian,”said Mercy.

Chirenje dismissed rape allegations saying he was introduced to wrong people who misrepresented themselves as in-laws and paid lobola.

“Rape issues are desperate efforts by Purity’s relatives to cover shameful actions shown by their daughter ,”said Chirenje.

“Purity fell in love with me and introduced me to what she claimed were her relatives in an effort to get money from me and they succeeded.

“By Gods grace I later discovered it and I want to believe many could have fallen in the same trap from that syndicate,”he said.

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