Latest on married woman who bonked two men to get her husband a job


Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition director Phillan Zamchiya ,who allegedly bedded an ex-subordinate’s wife while promising a job for her husband,is understood to have resigned yesterday.

The resignation according to H-metro sources,came after the publication of his shenanigans in the paper.

Another friend Beloved Chiweshe with PACT,a conduit of the America Embassy was also alleged to have bedded the woman.


Sources say Zamchiya wrote a resignation letter saying there is lack of funding for the non-governmental organisation and has opted for new challenges.

The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Board meets tomorrow and it is understood one of the items on the agenda is Zamchiya’s alleged shenanigans with a married woman.It is alleged that a condition for the relationship was that he would facilitate for the re-employment of the woman’s husband who once worked for the organisation.

Zamchiya however refused to comment on his resignation when H metro contacted him.

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition’s spokesperson Dumisani Nkomo was not picking his phone yesterday to shed light on the developments.

There was unconfirmed reports that the board was moving to fire him at their meeting tomorrow.He(Zamchiya) has resigned after he heard that the board wants to fire him this Friday.

“They had already made the decision and the meeting was just for formality .So he resigned to save himself from embarrassment,” said an insider who refused to be named.

Source-H metro

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