Grace Mugabe has no leadership qualities to takeover the presidency


Commentators have dismissed the view by some Zanu PF leaders and President Robert Mugabe that first lady Grace is the rightful person to land a Presiduim position saying she has no leadership qualities.

“Its very unfortunate that Mugabe believes that Grace is capable of taking over from him, despite the goings-on at the Bulawayo youth rally where she was booed by Zanu PF supporters. Since coming into the political scene, all she has preached is hate,” said one commentator.

Admore Gudo said Grace is by far unqualified to takeover the presidency;and that remains very dangerous for our country’s stability after a clear show of deceit on Mugabe’s part over the maneuverings of the ascendancy of Grace to the presidium.

 President Robert Mugabe

“Morgan Tsvangirai’s observation here remains correct and true.Many are actually holding their breaths at debut of this new side of Mugabe, probably never known of him since his arrival at our country’s political landscape some decades ago. Remours are doing the rounds that this at the instigation of VP Phelekezela Mphoko who is said to urge Mugabe to do it and Mphoko will remain unforgiven by the history of this country,” he said.

“Mugabe & Grace systematically eliminate and suppress dissent in the party to remain supreme,all in the party are captured by fear of being tugged lacoste and become fired. All have been reduced to endorse the man and his wife unwillingly only to save life-which the root of our national problems starting in Zanu PF.”