Leaked WhatsApp Chats indicate that its Killer T’s girlfriend Mimi that DIED in Accident


Leaked WhatsApp Chats indicate that its Killer T’s girlfriend Mimi that DIED in Accident. The ‘popopo’ hit-maker and his girlfriend only identified as Mimi were drag racing in Lochinvar road in Southerton, Harare when Mimi hit a sand pit and lost control of the car.

The car swerved and rolled before hitting a pole and the impact caused Mimi to be ejected from the vehicle with force resulting in her death.

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Killer T, who was leading the race at that time driving an Altezza Mini made a u-turn and before he could reach his love to try and assist her, the car burst into flames. Passers by and eye witnesses tried to put out the fire using sand and branches but the ball of fire got bigger and it was too late.


[18:49, 10/21/2015] Mellisa: Kklk shaa lm nt in e mood of ths nw l jus lost a friend todae
[18:50, 10/21/2015] DAESHIN: Which friend
[18:54, 10/21/2015] Mellisa: Mimie
[18:55, 10/21/2015] DAESHIN: Ndipe # dzake
[18:58, 10/21/2015] Mellisa: Shes dead hy
[19:00, 10/21/2015] DAESHIN: ????
[19:00, 10/21/2015] DAESHIN: I’m so sorry for yo loss
[19:07, 10/21/2015] DAESHIN: Sorry love
[19:07, 10/21/2015] DAESHIN: What happened
[19:09, 10/21/2015] Mellisa: Mimie akatora mota paden pavo en he spent tha dae na killer ……..so killer anga ane altezza mimi ane chaser….so its lyk they did a race…..mu tht road yeku lochniva southrton so mapositori ndoakaona……..hanzi mota yaimhanya en yakanokwira pachuru……ndobva yaenda mudenga ikanorova pole re zap……iye akabuda nepawindow coz of speed en magetsi ndoakaita mota ibvire…….killer abva afonera police rikatora mutumbi……en abva aenda kwana mimi akati mwana wenyu aita accident since vasingazive killer vangoti munhu abatsira