Mudiwa Hood says people should leave Stunner alone as he settles down with his new love.

Now that you know the two are seriously involved and in love, let’s not be their devils but a blessing to their union. Zvema hung’a hung’a…pure hating NO…Everyone has a past, Everyone knows what Des went through since BBA…It will be so heartless not to wish him happiness with his new found love….zvekuzotii hee chimoko ndochiziva heeee Stunner tomuziva heee wat wat…NO aiwa taramba.

Bless these people.What God Has joined let no man separate.”Mudiwa said although he argued with Stunner from time to time, the two were close.“I have known for over 10
years, yes we fight here and there argue chi chiii but no love lost, he is my brother.


This is what you didn’t know about Mudiwa and Stunner. When I decided to switch and sing gospel He is the 1st guy I told what I had in mind, and u wouldn’t guess what he told me.

I am the one who took his 1st single to radio Rudo RweMari, then it was called radio 3 in Gweru.Stunner is the only artist to do a video promoting my movie.”

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