LIVE UPDATES:Zimbabwe Independence Day Celebrations


1211: President Mugabe is now on the podium.

1211: He praises the President for his leadership of SADC and AU. Cde Kasukuwere invites the celebrations’ Guest of Honour, President Mugabe, to address the nation.

1205: The Host Minister Cde Saviour Kasukuwere has been invited to the podium by Information Minister Cde Christopher Mushowhe. He starts off by congratulating the President on the birth of his first grand child. He says Zimbabweans should take heed of the call to stand guard and protect the interests of Zimbabwe.


1202: Father Ribiero prays for the nation and concludes his sermon.

1200: “To the young,  hope there are some amongst you who will be like bees which protect the hive but if these bees don’t protect the hive, it shall be invaded,”

1154: Father Ribeiro of the Roman catholic Church is now giving a sermon. He says the nation was struggled and fought for.

“In that struggle, some did not return and other returned maimed. Some are here, some are not…I see the young here who have no idea how it was fought for but in the future we shall leave this heritage to them….Today’s celebrations must be passed onto our children so that grow up knowing where this country came all this there are some who support it and there are some don’t,”

1147: They have now handed the torch to President Mugabe who proceeds to light up the Eternal Flame.

1146: Athletes who include Stephen Muzhingi, Olivia Chitate, Precious Mukuze, Paul Mhize among others have now entered the stadium carrying the independence torch.

1142: The parade march has ended. Time for the war cry.

Due to connection issues at the National Sports Stadium we cannot upload images from the celebrations at the moment.

1125: The Parade Commander seeks and gets permission from the Commander- in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Mugabe, to march past in slow and then in quick time.

1119: President Mugabe is now inspecting the Guard of Honour.

1111: The celebrations are being held at various venues across the country with the main one being at the National Sports Stadium.

1107: The National Anthem is now being played.

1105: President Mugabe has arrived at the National Sports Stadium and is accompanied by his Chatunga.

1050: Vice Presidents Mnangagwa and Mphoko are already here along with Service Chiefs and Cabinet ministers.

1045: The National Sports Stadium is fast filling up as Zimbabweans from all works of life converge to mark 36 years of independence from colonial rule.


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