Local ATMs to start dispensing Bond notes – bond notes expected to be introduced in the next few days.


Local banks are configuring their automated teller machines to dispense both the US dollar and the bond notes, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Dr John Mangudya said yesterday.

Alternatively, the banks may have separate ATM machines, dispensing the US dollar and the bond notes expected to be introduced in the next few days.

Dr Mangudya is on record that no one will be forced to accept the bond notes and such an arrangement would give the banking public an option either to withdraw their money in US dollars or bond notes.


atm machine“When I met ambassadors they said the best way – as done elsewhere – is to have two ATMs, one for bond notes and another one for US dollars,” he said in an interview on the sidelines of the CZI 2016 manufacturing sector survey report launch.

It is a very good idea. People are rational, if there is no queue on one ATM, then they can go to the other and get their money.

“We have asked banks to look at it. We want to maintain the multi-currency system,” said Dr Mangudya.

He said banks were forthcoming in implementing the plan, which is also expected to bring convenience to the banking public.

“The banks are happy, some are already doing that, for instance at Barclays they can give you rands or US dollar but people do not want rands, yet they are in the system,” said Dr Mangudya.

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