Tyra “Madam Boss” Chikocho was involved in a freak accident which forced her to skip the Laugh Out Harare Stand-Up Comedy Club show at Jazz 24/7 on Tuesday night.

Madam Boss said she was hit by a car around 5pm along Park Street in the capital and was taken to a private hospital, where she was attended to before going home. The comedian had been scheduled to share the stage with fellow comedians Samantha “Gonyeti” Kureya, King Kandoro, Sharon “Maggie” Chideu, Tinaye and Kadem at a show hosted by Doc Vikela.

Doc Vikela said that Madam Boss had been involved in an accident and could, therefore,
not make it. “Tyra is a good comedian who is growing and she failed to show up as she was in involved in an accident. I believed her.


MADAM-BOSSWhether she lied or not, it is not my place, but for people to make a meal out of this, (it) defeats the purpose of what we are trying to build,” he said.“When I reached out to Tyra, she told me that she also wanted stage time and I told her that’s why we have the Tuesday nights.”

Upcoming comedians who took to the stage, however, failed to deliver rib-cracking jokes, offering dry jests — including jibes at raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda and Andy Muridzo’s alleged illicit affair — that failed to excite the audience.

However, the pair of Gonyeti and Maggie did their best to salvage the situation, as they managed to draw laughter from the expectant audience.