Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria abandons Masowe for Prophet Magaya Church


Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria who failed to show up at Esigodini Jabula Inn night spot on Saturday surfaced in Botswana for Prophet Walter Magaya’s crusades.

Not only did he attend the crusades, he abandoned his traditional apostolic ‘Madzibaba’ tag and performed for two hours.

Nicholas Zakaria


“Let the people now know that I am no longer interested in being called Madzibaba since I am now a son of Prophet Magaya,” H-METRO reported today.

“Better call me Mwana waMuporofita Magaya”.

“From the teachings I am receiving from Prophet Magaya, I discovered that I was pretending to be holy and allowing myself to be called Madzibaba.

“I do not regret following masowe since it led me to meet prophet Magaya who enlightened me to the zeal, hunger for God and I feel blessed in the arms of Prophet Magaya”.