Madzibaba Nyoni’s S E X Tape LEAKED on Social MEDIA


A Zimbabwean Apostolic church pastor based in the UK, Beki Nyoni has made headlines after an embarrassing video of him n-aked and stroking his manhood has gone viral on social media. The video circulated extensively in the UK but has now found its way to Zimbabwe.

The man popularly known as Madzibaba Nyoni made the damning video in a bid to woo a certain lady in the church with his impressive anaconda, however the move backfired after the lady didn’t take too kindly to such and supposedly leaked the video.

The video lasting 2 minutes and 50 seconds was recorded in the married man’s bedroom and shows Madzibaba showing off his bedroom stick at full throttle and assuring the female recipient of how good he was in bed and how much he longed to get a piece of the woman’s ‘assets’.

Beki Nyoni

He goes on to liken his ‘weapon’ to Chama Cha Mapinduzi in reference to the ruling Tanzanian party. Mapinduzi is the longest reigning ruling party in Africa and known for its hard handedness.

Sources close to the man claim that he was a teacher at Gwanda High School in Matabeleland South for a number of years before relocating to the United Kingdom. The sources expressed shock on how the well-respected man found himself in such a compromising position.

At the time of going to print it could not be ascertained on whether his church was aware of the video and the circumstances surrounding it.