Magaya Aides Fail To Raise Dead Woman


There was commotion at Beitbridge District Hospital when senior members of the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries(PHD) church led by Walter Magaya, prayed for a dead woman, claiming she will come back to life.
The three PHD officials arrived at the hospital and ordered the nurses to stop taking Chipo Mashanda’s body to the mortuary. Mashanda who was a Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA)employee collapsed at a local hair salon and died on adimission at the hospital.
It is understood Mashanda died while she was preparing to travel to Harare to meet Magaya.

magaya-wanted-in-probeThe three PHD officials told the nurses at the hospital not to put the body into the morgue, claiming she would come back to life.
Mashanda’s body was placed in the resuscitation room from 11am after her death until in the evening.
“She died at around 11 am and some PHD officials came and asked if they could pray for her,” said a nurse at the hospital.
It is understood the three Magaya officials were given up to evening to try and bring the woman back to life. They prayed for her hoping the miracle would manifest.
Mashanda’s husband Miidzo Murawa also confirmed the incident. “They(PHD officials) prayed for her but their efforts did not materialise,” he said.