Magaya heals man who had been mentally ill for 37 years


A man who has been mentally ill for 37 years has been rescued by Prophet Walter Magaya.Magaya’s ministry said : “Cornellous Mamve was living on a mountain infested with snakes. The cave he lived in was also a habitat of a black mamba which attacked anyone who came close but never attacked Cornellous. They lived in harmony.

He visited his mother once in a while but would never sleep at home. A PHD Ministries member visited their mum and told her about anointed mantles and the various testimonies that have emanated from their use.

They agreed to try using them on Corneleous. The 1st attempt was not successful as he ripped it apart but they did not give up. They tried again and this time around they even forced him to wear a PHD Ministries T-shirt and that is when his sanity was restored.”







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