Magaya turns to politics,campaigns against ZANU PF


Prophetic Healing and Deliverance leader, Prophet Walter Magaya has given a political analysis that has a serious massage against Zimbabwe’s ruling Party (ZANU PF) in a shocking statement. During an interview with the South African based Africa News Network (ANN) this week on Wednesday Magaya said “Southern Africa will face a wave of violence very soon and the leaders should not use brutality to squash the uprising ”.

Southern Africa comprises of over 10 countries and Magaya’s analysis aims at South Africa and mainly Zimbabwe, though he claimed to have foretold the Pretoria violence two weeks ago, its exactly two weeks ago when the violence erupted and indeed he was right, its only that people were already in the streets at the time he claims to have foretold the sad violence.The South Africa statement was merely a cover up of what the HeadBoy News leant and is about to reveal.




The analysis by Magaya comes late and makes him more of a Zimbabwe opposition politics supporter who wants to use the influence that he enjoys especially in the illiterate circles in his home country to gain support for a certain opposition party. Its general knowledge that given the hardships that have hit Zimbabwe as a country which have affected the civil servants salary system as well as every Zimbabwean in general people will tend to want to get vocal against the government in may ways and its inevitable that people will want to get into the streets to air their views. Zimbabweans have not been know for peaceful marches when they have an urgent concern that needs to be addressed and no matter how smart people might want to be ,there are always rogue elements that start to insight violence.

This is how Magaya analyzed the current situation in Zimbabwe and by calling for authorities not to squash the violence he is playing exactly the same card that the other Pastors like ,Apostle Vutabwashe, Shingi Munyeza,Tudor Bismark and the #thisflag campaign leader Pastor Mawarire which is smartly inciting their congregates and the public to turn against President Mugabe.

Magaya has used a different approach where he is saying “no to the police” and he knows that’s exactly what the public especially those of the opposition party want to hear because its an advantage to them when the public protests against the leadership.

His sentiments echoes the report by a political analyst published in the Southern Times early last month in which the writer claimed that the SADC region is slowly drowning into a political crisis after the South African public has fallen out of love with President Jacob Zuma because of claims of massive corruption and the writer went of to mention that violence was the language that African masses use to relay massages to their political leaders. Magaya simply took notes from the analysis and used its to gain mileage for his opposition political party in Zimbabwe.

The HeadBoy News is reliably informed that Magaya is working with an new political party to oust President Robert Mugabe in the upcoming elections in 2018 and we are going to hear many of his political statements coming out as “prophecies” but carrying massages against Zimbabwe’s ruling Zanu PF and the government to gain support for the opposition

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