Magistrate Resigns after man committed suicide in Magistrate’s bedroom


Bishard Chineka, Resident Magistrate for Chivi has taken a break from work at his station after a man he ordered to pay maintenance left the court and went and committed suicide in the Magistrate’s spare bedroom.

Efforts to get a comment from Chief Magistrate Mishrod Guvamombe were fruitless.

However, The Mirror has established that Chineka has not been at his workstation since the tragedy struck. The Mirror established that he could now be working from Masvingo Magistrates Court while Magistrate Victor Mohamid has taken over in Chivi where he is traveling to from Masvingo.


Masvingo man kills himself at magistrates house

Musiiwa Matembe shocked Chivi Growth Point last week when after receiving an unfavourable judgment, he went to the Magistrate’s residence at the Growth Point, entered the judiciary officer’s spair bedroom and set himself alight after dousing himself with petrol.