Mai Chisamba – i had S E X with MAID now she is PREGNANT


I am 26 years old. A few years ago I was at college and when I came home for the holidays there was a new maid. I used to watch movies in my room and this sisi would come to join me. Seven months down the line she was carrying my baby.

Family and friends were disappointed; even the girl I was dating broke up with me. I never loved this girl handina kana kumupfimba, it was s.ex for convenience. Now I’m stuck with this woman who doesn’t know how to dress, cook and is uneducated. I wasted my money trying to educate her. I tried to force myself to love her, but the truth is I just can’t love her and I don’t think it will ever work.

I now work far away from home so I only visit my family when I am off duty. Also kubasa I’m now staying with a girlfriend I love so much. So my question is should I send my wife packing because I don’t want to have two wives, after all I don’t love her. Please help; it seems as if I’m stuck in the mud.
Thank you so much for reading my column and for writing in. First and foremost let me tell you that what goes around comes around. An enlightened guy from college taking advantage of an innocent and uneducated maid.

It seems you have no kind words for this girl but do you realise that for so many times you brought yourself to her level muchiita bonde. You never proposed to her, you never loved her but why did you bed this girl? S.ex for convenience, what’s that?

No wonder why we have so many children on our streets and so many s.exual diseases. Isu tinotofunga kuti imi makadzidza ndimi muchaunza chiedza munyika -what a contradiction. You sound as if you don’t have a conscience. Why do you create families that you can’t take responsibility for?

Marriage comes with responsibilities. It’s not just about s.ex, it’s a lifelong companionship and it should be taken seriously. In life we are supposed to learn from our mistakes but to my surprise this did not happen to you. You are at it again kubika mapoto with the new girlfriend.

I don’t know whether she is expecting or not because you did not say. For how long are you going to disappoint your family and friends?
To be very honest, I don’t understand where the superiority you are showing now is coming from.

According to your letter you are stuck with a good for nothing woman? What’s your take on this adage “birds of the same feathers flock together” (food for thought).

Sarudzo yako yeupenyu ndiyo inoratidza zvauri. My personal opinion is it’s not a good thing to play with other people’s emotions. Time is money, do not let other people build castles in the air for nothing.

Cheating on your spouse is one of the worst things a person can do. Decide what you want and stand by that.

Marriage is about love so if there is no love at all why don’t you set this woman free instead of letting her go through life as a second class citizen or an inferior species.
I hope you know that you are duty bound to pay for child support and its best done through the courts. I suggest you rope in a professional counsellor who will help because it is not as easy as saying take your bag and go. Lastly you need to take one step at a time, fast track is very short lived.

Source: The Sunday Mail