Malawi government ‘taking coup allegations seriously’


The Malawian government says it is taking seriously allegations that members of the opposition are plotting to overthrow President Peter Mutharika and his administration.

According to Nyasa Times, police spokesperson Nicholas Gondwa said a plot to usurp the government, as discussed in a Whatsapp conversation, which resulted in the arrest of three politicians from the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), was part of an ongoing investigation.

The Whatsapp conversation implicated MCP secretary general Louis Chankhwantha, as well as other MPs, Jessie Kabwila and Ulemu Msungama.


Spokesperson Jappie Mhlango said government was taking the allegations “extremely seriously” as they affected the country’s national security.

However, Gerald Viola, who is the country’s presidential spokesperson, indicated during an interview on a local radio station, Capital Malawi, that Mutharika was not overly concerned with the threat of the coup or the arrest of the plotters.

“The police are professionals and are carrying their duties accordingly and the president will not be involved in the way cops are discharging their duties,” Viola was quoted as saying.

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