Malawi Prophet CLAIMS President Mugabe is already DEAD as per his prophecy


President Mugabe has died, but this has happened only in spirit says the controversial Malawian prophet who said the Zimbabwe President would not last beyond 2015.

Pressed for a comment seeing as the Veteran Ruler Mugabe has beaten yet another of the doom prophecies, the Prophet, Austin Liabunya shifted goal posts saying heaven time is different from earthly time: “Because prophets don’t announce what they see in the natural, they announce what they have seen in the Spirit realm already happened.

“So if anyone has problems with time according to God, they better open their eyes and peep by themselves in the Spirit realm and they will realise it goes in line with the word of the Prophet of God. It has already happened in the Spirit and we are all just waiting for the manifestation of what has already happened in the spirit.


So if you have problems with time its because you can’t see spiritually according to the timing of God. You say, for example, today is 1 January 2016, but to God is it so? It has to do with what the bible says about the timing of God as we earlier saw.

Jesus was in the world and the world called him names saying he was a false prophet based on his works and words because he spoke in parables and they could not understand language in the kingdom of God. God calculates time differently from us, the bible tells us 1000 days is like unto 1 day to God (2 Peter 3:8,9)and visa versa.

So when people dont really know the Word of God they always have problems with language in the kingdom of God. That’s why even many notable prophets in the world in the likes of Benny Hinn, Kenneth Hagin, TB Joshua, Billy Graham, Kathyrn Kulhman, and even other local prophets in Malawi you may know them were once labelled ‘false prophets’ according to various prophecies thay gave but it didn’t change who they were(are).

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