Man BEATS UP wife and Demands SVIRO afterwards!

A man from Harare was hauled to court on allegations of insulting and s-exually abusing his wife.
Tanaka Matauro approached the Harare civil court seeking a protection order against her husband of four years Charles Mahire. She accused him of forcing her to have s-ex with him.
“I am not happy in the marriage. He beats me up and forces me to have s-ex with him. I caught him cheating on me and am afraid of sleeping with him. I do not refuse to have s-ex but we must always use protection. I am afraid he can infect me with STIs.
“He is threatening to end my life and insults me calling me a p-rostitute. He is also refusing that we go for HIV testing since I am not sure about his health status anymore she,” she said.
In response, Charles denied all allegations saying his wife was the one who wanted to control him.
“She is my wife but refuses to have s-ex with me. She fears I may infect her with HIV since she does not trust me. I tried to solve our problems amicably but she refused to listen to me. The claims I am refusing to go to blood test are not true. She has never asked me to go with her,” he said.
Presiding magistrate Ruth Samkange granted the protection order in Tanaka’s favour.

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