Dear Editor – This is a public appeal to help The Harare Central Police with information leading to the arrest of 46 year old Rolen Muchegwa in connection with a brutal attack on his ex wife Mitchell Kawome aged 32. Mitchell was brutally attacked with a bottle and suffered serious facial and body injuries as her lifeless body was repeatedly stamped on by this coward.

The attack happened on the night of 17th of September 2015 at Pablos in Harare. The two were married for 10years before the marriage collapsed in 2012 after pictures of Rolan having a 3 some with two women went viral on what’s app. Rolan cheated on Mitchell countless times and as a result he fathered 4 children with other women outside wedlock whilst he was still married to Mitchell. In total Rolan have 8 children with 4 different women.

Mitchell have been living in fear since the day she left him for his cheating ways. This man is a coward to be going out hunting down his ex wife whilst he’s presently married to one Hazel Borerwe who he has since moved in with in the house he used to share with ex wife Mitchell.

Roland Muchegwa (46) is currently on the run from the Zimbabwean police after this last attack which left Mitchell fighting for her life. The police and her family want to hear from anyone who may have information on his whereabouts. He is a very dangerous and violent man and should not be confronted or approached except by police officers. His usual and last known place of residence is in Mount Pleasant, Harare. Anyone with information should contact Inspector Sengwe or anyone on duty at the Harare Central Police Sub District level (Phone: Number is 04-777777).
This Rolan Muchegwa has not been providing any form of support or child maintenance to his children.
Their marriage was marred by Roland Muchegwa’s philandering, abusing, violent and controlling behavior. Mitchell Kawome was routinely subjected to savage acts of physical violence, countless of times, in front of her children whenever she confronted him about his cheating and behaviour.

Whenever Mitchell Kawome tried to escape and leave the marriage in order to save herself and her children, Roland Muchegwa would always follow her to her parents’ home and forcibly bring her back into a matrimonial home plagued by violence.

Although she was finally free, Roland Muchegwa vowed and threatened that if he couldn’t have her he was going to make sure that no one else would. Since then he has physically attacked her whenever he bumps into her and has physically fought everyone who tried to date for the past two years.

No human being should be made to endure such a life of violence and torture. We should stop viewing domestic violence as a “cultural norm” or a taboo subject that we should not discuss in public. Women, whether married or single, should be able to exercise their fundamental human right to live a life of dignity, freedom, free from abuse and violence. Let us help Mitchell Kawome and all other victims of domestic abuse and violence get the justice they rightly deserve. The least we can do is to give her and her two children a voice by sharing their story with others. We should not let them suffer in silence.

See pictures of the attack and weapon used below:

wife beaten in Hararewife beaten in Harare