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Man casts Runyoka on ex-wife for security reasons


A Mashonaland man from Forester E village was recently dragged before Chief Makope village court by his ex-wife who is accusing him of casting Runyoka\Ulunyoka on her.

The complainant, identified as Melisa, told the court that her ex-husband, Lancelot Kahari, chased her away from their home last week after he had ordered her to close a knife that he keeps under the bed.

Runyoka is made by Traditional Medical Practitioners to preserve marriages. This is a spell used by a man to catch those who commit adultery with his wife.



RunyokaRunyoka In casting runyoka, a man has to mix some traditional medicine with an open knife then close it after using the medicine on his wife. After this practice, if the wife indulges in sex with another man, they will stick together. When the husband is summoned while the two remain stuck he just has to open his knife to release the two victims.

Kahari pleaded guilty to the charge saying he did it for security reasons and not as a way to cast a spell on the the mother of his only child, who is 15 months old.

Chief Makope ordered Kahari to open the closed knife and surrender it to VIDICO chairperson so as to allow Melisa to enter in any s-e-xual relationship she desires since they have separated.

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