Man catches UNCLE Screaming & Sweating POKING His WIFE


A man from Mberengwa got the shock of his life when he caught his UNCLE red-handed ‘doing’ his wife on their matrimonial bed busy screaming in pleasure!

The heartbroken man, Tanaka Malazi, found his uncle Conwell Shumba in between the sheets with his wife of five years Jestina Sibanda .

Shocked to high heaven by the ‘discovery’, Malazi lost his marbles and thoroughly assaulted his uncle with an axe handle all over the body.


Malazi was hauled to court,facing charges of assault.

Magistrate Christopher Matarure handed him a nine month sentence of which three months were set aside.

The remaining six were also scrapped conditional he performs community service.

In his defence, Malazi pleaded for leniency saying he did not intentionally assault Shumba but did so out of sheer provocation!

“I did not plan to beat him, it’s just that I failed to control my temper. I have minor children to take care of so, I beg the court to be lenient with me,” he said.