Man catches wife making love with stranger on matrimonial bed


A Kuwadzana cheeky woman, Paidamoyo Nyika was caught red-handed by her husband having s#x with another man in their marital bedroom.Nyika had to flee for her life to the police station.Her husband Munyaradzi Maware beat her with an iron bar, a court heard.

The incident happened on November 5 around 11pm.However, Maware was arrested for the assault and fined $80 fine or 20 days in jail.



In court he said “Your Worship, when I came back home I caught my wife red handed sleeping with another man in our matrimonial home and this did not go well with me.

“I could not control myself, but when I assaulted her, I did not use an iron bar as she claims but I used a whip” Maware said.




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