Man caught with 185 Dirty Pantys at Road Block


Teach a man to fish, they say, and you won’t have to feed him again . . . But a Chinese panty-grabbing thief took this saying to the next level and, using a specially made fishing rod decided to fish for women’s underwear.

And when he was bust during a routine vehicle check, cops were shocked to find over 285 bras, 185 worn p.anties and 102 other pieces of clothing stacked in the man’s van – enough to cover half a netball court!

The 32-year-old man told cops it started with just a few bras and p.anties, but soon he couldn’t help himself, fishing for underwear continuously.

He said he had been catching p.anties for three years until cops arrested him in September in Liyang, eastern China.

Police said they would find psychological help for the man.

He is the latest in a series of Chinese men to hit the headlines after stealing women’s underwear. Late last year a Guangxi man was bust for stealing over 2 000 sets of underwear from his neighbours in a year.