BLACK magic never ceases to amaze. In a weird incident a man from Ntshamathe village, Esigodini reportedly went insane after losing his snake which he claimed was his second wife.

Cabinet Nyambosi reportedly failed to contain himself when witch-hunters discovered a snake at his homestead during a cleansing ceremony and burnt it.

Nyambosi did not mind the presence of villagers as he screamed asking someone to rescue his beloved wife.


The man’s wife got the shock of her life as she never suspected that her husband was cheating on her with a snake.

“The man was in a mournful state when we last saw him. It wouldn’t be surprising to learn that he has taken his life wherever he is hiding. He was crying saying that those wicked witch hunters had killed his wife,” said a villager.

It appeared that the man never cared about his first wife who left their matrimonial home soon after hearing that her husband was also having sex with a snake.

It is said that Nyambosi who appeared to be disturbed by the incident also abandoned his homestead after losing his two wives.

He was really hurt by the death of his beloved snake wife. He could not even contain himself when his snake wife was thrown into the fire during the village cleansing ceremony as he was restrained on several occasions by the villagers trying to jump into the fire to rescue his beloved snake-wife from the ferocious flames,” said Gumbo.

Villagers revealed that Nyambosi was last seen on 3 January and he was in deep agony over the death of his snake.

“He seemed not to care about the fact that his real wife had deserted him as he was much more concerned about the snake.

“Nyambosi’s wife left his husband on the very day after the cleansing ceremony stating that her husband’s antics were really disgusting. How could he do that to her. She thought she was the wife of the house yet his husband was also being intimate with a scary creature,” said another neighbour.

Ward 1 councilor Catherine Ndebele confirmed the incident adding that the incident was frightening.

“Nyambosi shocked us when he confessed to the entire village that the snake was his wife. He went emotional as he tried to rescue the snake from the fire. He even told villagers that he was having sex with the snake. The incident is really eating him up. Ever since the strange occurrence I haven’t heard of him,” she said.

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