Man crashes R4 Million friends’s Ferrari 458 Spider


A man is said to be distraught after he crashed his friend’s red Ferrari 458 Spider into a tree in an estate in Johannesburg. eNCA reported that the Ferrari in question was only two days old. It apparently still had a temporary registration.

According to a Ferrari dealership, this particular model is worth about R3.8 million.

Man crashes R4 Million friends's Ferrari 458 Spider

Man crashes R4 Million friends's Ferrari 458 Spider
This picture posted to Twitter by @Help24 on 2 September 2015 shows an accident scene at the Eagle Canyon Golf Estate involving a Ferrari 458 Spider. The car costs around R4 million. Comments on social media indicated that the car could be new considering the temporary licence featured in the window, and other comments stated that the speed limit in the estate is 30km/h. @Help24 stated it was an expensive mistake.