Man divorces lazy wife for faking to be sick all the time


A CHITUNGWIZA man told the court that he parted ways with his wife as she was in a habit of faking sickness.

This came to light at the Harare civil court where Netsai Mugwati was claiming US$100 from her former boyfriend Ronald Mukunyadze.

“We had a lot of challenges and one of them was that she was lazy and she would always spend most of the time in bed pretending to be ill,”said Ronald.


On the US$100 that Netsai was claiming,Ronald said he was prepared to pay quarter of the amount.
“I can pay US$25 at the moment I am not employed and I have another family which I am also looking after,”he said.

Netsai told the court that the $100 that she was claiming was a suitable amount to meet all her expenses.
“Anything less than that would make it hard for me to look after the child,”she said.

The presiding magistrate ordered Ronald to pay US$60 with effect from April 30.

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