Man drops out of school to have S.E.X with a rabbit


A Mbembesi man claims for 17 years he had everyday sex with a beautiful woman that has come to be identified as a mysterious hare.

Bekithemba Mloyi (27) told a local tabloid that for the past 17 years he has been sleeping with a beautiful woman whom he did not know.

The sex-crazed hare reportedly came to Mloyi as a beautiful woman seducing him until he gave in to its demands.


Mloyi revealed that the issue started when he was ten years old, when in grade 5 .

He claims that  the encounters would leave him very tired, leading to him dropping out of school to attend to the hare-wife full time.

The issue came to light after witch hunters revealed to Mloyi that the spiritual hare was the cause of his on and off illness during a cleansing ceremony.

Bekithemba Mloyi

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