Man dumps wife for being tasteless in bed


A HOPLEY family’s marriage has collapsed after a vitriolic attack by the husband saying his wife was not good in bed.

The eight-year union between Mike Takatya, 32, and his wife Nomatter Mupawaenda, 24, is beyond repair with the former relocating to South Africa.

Nomatter couldn’t hide on their s#x life with Mike saying she had been accused of being bad in bed.


Nhai hanzvadzi makamboonawo murume anoudza mukadzi wake kuti haunake, zvoitawo here izvozvo, munofunga ndingaitewo sei pakadaro (What would you do if your husband tells you that you are not good in bed?).

Mike accused his wife of denying him s#x.

He said Nomatter had been bedding her boyfriend only identified as Moyo.

“I caught them red-handed but it was dark and there are witnesses to this issue.

“After I caught them I then left her in the house and I went to stay with my parents.

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