A Man in Lusaka’s Kanyama Township has sued his wife for divorce because she went home with her private parts shaved.

Times of Zambia reported that Emmanuel Daka, 44, sued Melenia Tembo, 37, of Kanyama West Township for divorce because he found her private parts shaved upon her return from a funeral.

“The day she returned from a funeral I wanted to have sex with her but discovered that she was shaved.



“Since I am the one who shaved her, I wondered who had done that,” he said.

He said he suspected Tembo had a lover because she always complained whenever he went home carrying vegetables.

Daka said he had also noticed that Tembo had lately been buying good clothes and eating delicious meals.

“My wife probably has a lover since she always complains when I buy vegetables that she wants meat or chicken but I don’t work and I can’t manage to buy her what she wants,” he said.

Daka said he could not afford to buy expensive clothes or food for Tembo, and advised her to find a rich man to satisfy her desires.

In defence, Tembo denied having a lover and said she shaved herself so that she could look clean.

She said her husband did not support the family, adding that through her business she managed to take her children to school.

Tembo said she was comfortable with the divorce since Daka did not love her and did not care for the family.

Magistrate Ackim Phiri did not grant the couple divorce, but asked Daka and Tembo to find time to resolve their differences before returning to court on March 16, 2016.

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