Man has se_x with all village women using secret juju trick


A MAN from Zaka in Masvingo who is said to have se_x with women through juju has allegedly come up with a new modus operandi.

Unlike in previous occasions where Vuramai Tsikira’s juju worked after shaking hands with his victims, he now reportedly just points at them with his handkerchief.

As a sign of “systems go” he is said to rub his face with the handkerchief.


After that, his targets are said to follow him to the bush or his homestead to have proper intercourse.

Early this year, Tsikira from Chinouriri Village under Chief Ndanga left villagers dumb-founded when he revealed his magical se_x exploits with scores of women from the area.

Narrating his incredible se_xual exploits before Chief Ndanga after he was caught having se_x with a married woman, he confessed that his juju in the form of a scent made women pester him.

The chief referred him to members of the Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association (Zinatha) at Kyle House in Masvingo to be exorcised of his supernatural powers.

It is reported that unlike mubobobo where a man can use charms to perform a se_xual act on an unsuspecting woman, his new method makes women beg for se_x.

According to a source from the area who preferred anonymity, Tsikira through his magical handkerchief was irresistible to women.

“It seems Tsikira is not repenting from his evil deeds. There are reports that he now uses a handkerchief to lure them,” said the source. Chief Ndanga whose jurisdiction Tsikira’s area falls under said the matter was under investigation.

“As of now I cannot confirm or deny since I am waiting for a formal report from Chinouriri villagers. I just heard it through rumours and I am yet to get full details once the men I tasked to investigate the matter are through,” he said.

Source-B Metro

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