Man holds on to cheating wife for a decade


It is not only happening on South African television soapie Generations but also in the real world right here in Bulawayo where a man has been tolerating his wife’s boyfriends for almost a decade.

Lately Bulawayo’s praise poets have added another name to the “City of Kings” calling it komfaz’ ushaya indoda (where women beat their husbands). Perhaps Emily Manyanda (39) fits that bill considering that her husband Peter Kaguramamba (32, claimed she has been freely engaging in sexual relationships with other men openly.

Kaguramamba told B-Metro that from the time he married Emily, he has caught her cheating several times with different men but could not leave her because of his love for her.



“I don’t know what is wrong. I always catch her cheating and all in all I have caught her cheating three times with her ex-boyfriends and I know she has done more than that but I always forgive her because I love her so much,” he said.

The couple’s bedroom has been reduced to a boxing ring as the two constantly fight over Manyanda’s boyfriends.

As if that is not enough, Manyanda has never apologised for her alleged promiscuity, instead she has set rules for Kaguramamba.

“I really wish she can at least say sorry to me for everything she has done wrong. What pains me is that instead of saying sorry to me she has set rules for me in our home. She told me I should never touch her phone or question her about her affairs. She said she is doing this because she is exercising her rights.

“Close relatives advised me to divorce her after hearing the rules I was made to follow but because I loved her I sought help from counsellors. It did not help much because Manyanda did not abandon her affairs,” said Kaguramamba.

Kaguramamba added that now he was left with no option but to divorce his wife because she had left their matrimonial home.

In response to Kaguramamba’s accusations Manyanda denied the alleged affairs. She blasted her husband saying he was an abusive man and she could no longer live with him.

“I cannot live with that man because he constantly physically abuses me so we have to divorce,” said Manyanda.

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