Man inserts cooking stick in ex­wife’s privates


A 34­year­old Harare man allegedly inserted a cooking stick into his ex­wife’s private parts before raping her as punishment for sleeping with other men, the court heard on Friday. Lovemore Rinomhota was facing charges of domestic violence, rape and indecent assault when he appeared before Mr Tendai Mahwe. He was remanded in custody and advised to apply for bail at the High Court. Rinomhota will be back in court on May 5 for trial commencement

Allegations are that on April 19, Rinomhota went to his ex­wife’s house and knocked the door while she was asleep. The court heard that she opened the door and Rinomhota entered. It is alleged that soon after entering the house, Rinomhota started demanding to be intimate with her, but she refused. It is the State’s case that Rinomhota allegedly grabbed her and kicked her private parts three times before inserting a cooking stick. After abusing her with the cooking stick, Rinomhota went on to rape her. He inserted the cooking stick again saying he wanted to see if she was going to be intimate with other men.

The court heard that the following morning, the woman went to Rinomhota’s mother and told her about the incident. A police report was made, leading to Rinomhota’s arrest.


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