Man kills schoolboy for ritual purposes removes brain and private parts


A Mutare man pulled a shocker when he was arraigned before chief Mutasa’s village court when he testified that he killed a school boy with a hammer for ritual purposes.

Allegations are that Jacob Muranganwa testified that he connived with his brother identified as Abraham in killing a boy named Saddock after duping him.

“I am losing sleep over the killing of Saddock, we planned to kill Saddock with my brother Abraham after duping him in paying his school fees since he was sent back home to collect fees.




We used a hummer in killing him and took his brains together with his private parts which we gave a local businessman.

“After committing the grave crime we hang his body on a tree so as to trick his relatives in thinking that he committed suicide,” said Muranganwa.

The matter was referred to the police for farther investigations.

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