Man ordered to give 24-hours’ notice before having s#x has rule lifted by judge


A judge has removed an order obliging a man from York to give 24 hours’ notice before he has s#x.

John O’Neill, a 45-year-old IT consultant, had been told by police he must inform them a day before having s#xual relations with a new partner.

Instead he must now only tell them “as soon as is reasonably practicable”.


District Judge Adrian Lower described Mr O’Neill as a “manipulative man” and imposed 12 conditions on him.

North Yorkshire Police will now monitor Mr O’Neill’s internet activity.



He is not allowed to discuss sadomasochistic tendencies with medical staff and a third party is required to attend his medical appointments.

Mr O’Neill was cleared of r#pe in November last year but a judge called him a “very dangerous individual” after the jury was dismissed.

He told medical staff he had choked a woman unconscious and had thought “a lot about killing her”.

The court heard he needed a woman “to be scared” for him to become aroused.

Mr O’Neill was placed under an interim sexual risk order. Around 50 people have been placed under such orders, it emerged today.

The IT consultant, who is currently living rough in a wood, said the order had stopped him from working and restricted his rights to benefits and to his family

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