Man takes mother’s sister as his wife


A 32-YEAR-OLD Mberengwa man has sired a kid with his aunt and the two are now living as husband and wife after they claimed that they were fulfilling a prophesy to end their family problems. The man, Garikani Muziwi who is now cohabiting with his mother’s younger sister Patricia Nkomo, has even offered to pay lobola for the woman. The two, who now have a two-year-old daughter claimed, when they appeared before Mberengwa resident magistrate Mr Tayengwa Sangster last week that they entered into the marriage after being advised that this would solve the problems they were facing.

The two were convicted on their own plea and sentenced to nine months each in prison for contravening section 75 (2)(i) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform Act) Chapter 9:23. However, the sentence was wholly suspended on condition that they perform 315 hours of community service at Makuva High School and Makuva Clinic in Mberengwa.

For the State Ms Wadzanai Shayanowako alleged that during the period extending from March 2013 to January 2016, Muziwi and Nkomo had sexual intercourse within the prohibited degree of relationship when the two being aunt and nephew had sexual intercourse knowing that they were related.


Ms Shayanowako alleged that Muziwi and Nkomo were now living together as husband and wife and have a child together.

She alleged on a date unknown to the prosecutor but during the month of March in 2013 Nkomo’s mother Amina Phiri noticed that her daughter was pregnant and interrogated her on who was responsible.

Ms Shayanowako said Nkomo told her mother that Muziwi was responsible and she immediately eloped to his place where they started staying as husband and wife and went to Muziwi’s rural home.

Ms Shayanowako told the court that in January this year, Muziwi’s grandmother who could not stomach the two’s illicit relationship reported the matter to the police leading to the two’s arrest.

In their defence, Muziwi and Nkomo told the court that it was prophesied at their church that the two should have children together so that the “evil spirits” that have been causing misfortunes to them and their families would be cast away.

Source-Sunday News

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