Man takes sister to court for caressing, bewitching him


A man in Harare yesterday approached the Civil Court seeking a protection order against his sister whom he accused of sending goblins to check on his HIV status and later publicising it.

Godfrey Nduku left the court in stitches when he told Harare magistrate Barbara Mateko that he wanted a protection order against his sister, Viola Machaya, whom he accused of invading his privacy and bewitching him.

Nduku also said his sister was in the habit of sneaking into his bedroom in the dead of the night and caressing his private parts.

But Machaya refuted the claims and told the court that she was actually looking after him in her husband’s house.
The court also heard that sometime in May this year, the siblings appeared at the same court after Nduku had filed a similar application against his sister.

Machaya told the court that on their first appearance, Nduku was referred for mental examination after making “ridiculous” allegations against her.

“Your Worship, my brother once brought me before this court and may it be noted that he was referred for mental examination. He is actually on medication,” Machaya said.

She went on to reveal that the reason why Nduku had not gone for medical examination initially was because he had not acquired a referral letter from the court to enable him to do so.

The magistrate said Nduku’s claims of goblins being sent to him by his sister were far-fetched, adding she would proceed with the matter after reading his medical records.