Married businessman impregnates se_x worker,drama after he refuses responsibility


A MARRIED Waterfalls businessman’s vehicle was damaged by a pregnant se_x worker who claims he is the father of her unborn baby.

Simbarashe Mufandaedza’s Honda CRV window was shattered by the self-confessed hooker identified as Emily after he was caught in the company of another thigh vendor along Josiah Chinamano Avenue on Friday.

Emily was arrested and taken to Fife Avenue Police Base before being transferred to Harare Central Police Station where she is in custody.


She is expected to appear in court today.

Emily told H-Metro that Mufandaedza is failing to be responsible, squandering money buying illicit drugs and exchanging prostitutes while failing to buy preparation for the expected baby.

“It is true I damaged his vehicle because he is not being responsible enough with the preparation for the baby I am carrying,” said Emily.

He is the one responsible for my pregnancy and is the one paying rentals for my apartment at Franton Court but look he is hooking up with more prostitutes here in the Avenues.

“As we speak his BMW is parked at Hendon Court where it was detained after his failure to pay for the drugs he took; akanwira BMW nekuda madrugs, mota yakatobatwa but he continues to squander more money.

“I cannot hook up more men to get enough money when he is the one responsible for this pregnancy.

“Kana wada pfambi wotokunya, saka ndaipwanya mota yake,” said Emily before she was arrested.

Mufandaedza was spotted lodging a complaint with police against Emily but he refused to entertain H-Metro.

He once made headlines when a picture of his BMW was published mobbed by hookers celebrating the ruling by the High Court that gave prostitutes freedom from being arrested by police.

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