Married cross-border trader offers S.E.X to pay off $210 debt


A Beitbridge based married cross-border trader had in mind when she begged to pay a $210 debt with s.ex.

Unfortunately the man she owed turned down her plea and demanded his rightful dues — money.

Embarrassed by the failed plan, she then threatened to fabricate a rape report if he told anyone.

Emmanuel Danda realising that Hilda Musesengwa was capable of anything dragged her to the civil court.

But the sleek Musesengwa managed to get away without paying at once and promised to pay $7 a week. But still, she hasn’t owned up to the legal route.

“Both are cross border traders and they met in Mozambique sometime in July.

“Musesengwa then borrowed $210 from Danda promising to pay him as soon as they returned home. However, she did not fulfill her promise as she always came up with excuses.

After putting her under pressure, Musesengwa phoned him and suggested that they have s.e.x to cancel the debt,” said a source.

Danda, knowing that she was married, turned down the offer and that day marked the beginning of threats.

“In a bid to avoid paying the debt she threatened to report a rape case against Danda and that is when I advised him to take the matter to the civil court.

“Though she promised to pay $7 every week, she never did and even after engaging her husband they never paid up to date,” said the source.

Danda confirmed.

“All I need is my money because every cent counts. I am really disappointed by this woman’s actions.

“I’m just from reporting the matter to the police and I will do anything to get my money back,” he said.

Danda abruptly hung up the phone and since then is unreachable.