Married Man kills self after discovering his girlfriend cheated on him with 2 other men


A MARRIED man committed suicide after his girlfriend’ s husband confronted him with evidence of his relationship with the three-timing wife.


Clement Sibanda took his own life after Precious Nkosi, husband to Sukoluhle Maphosa (pictured), confronted him.


Nkosi was a bitter but sober man after discovering that there was another man also involved with his wife identified as Mlambo.

Nkosi said had he not kept his cool, he would have killed his wife.

“I could have axed her to death but that would not have solved anything so I decided to part ways with her amicably.

I took the issue to her parents and we have separated,” said Nkosi.

But what of the husband who committed suicide because he had been caught with a married lover? His wife Sikhanyiso Maphosa said it was too painful to talk about her husband considering the circumstances surrounding his death.

He committed suicide on 12 January.

“Whether he was having an affair or not is now water under the bridge. The person in question is dead so discussing the alleged affair will not solve anything. Yes, people do commit adultery but this is still a private matter and I do not want to talk about it,” said the deceased’s wife Sikhanyiso.

The woman at the centre of the controversy Sukoluhle Maphosa said every family has its ups and downs and found her husband’s baring his soul to B-Metro strange.

“I do not know why he would tell strangers about our problems. Like any other couple we encounter problems in our marriage but we are still together,” she said.

Nkosi is a heartbroken man.

“I was very hurt considering the things I have done for her, it would have been better had it been just a girlfriend but this is my wife we are talking about,” he said.

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