Married Police officer caught in compromising position with cousin


A policewoman’s alleged incestuous relationship with her cousin has ruined her six-year marriage. Loice Nyambayo’s marriage to Walter Tendai Daringwa, 33, has collapsed after she was caught pants down with her cousin who was referred to as tsano Ngoni. Loice and Ngoni are expected to appear at Chitungwiza magistrate court today. It is alleged that Loice was caught red-handed having se_x with Ngoni and she even grabbed her husband’s hands so as to give Ngoni room to escape.

“There was a scuffle between Loice and her husband and she went on to threaten that if he revealed the incident she would kill their two kids and then commit suicide. The two then agreed that no one was to reveal the secret since the husband was concerned about his children’s well being,” he said.



cheating-manAdded the mole: “Darangwa started to notice some changes in his wife’s behaviour and would notice small things that suggest she had been intimate with someone else and these included cloths and stench”. One day Darangwa is said to have returned from work early and found the two in a compromising position.

Darangwa greeted the two and went on straight to his bedroom. Loice followed in the bedroom and started apologizing for what she had done,” he said. Loice is alleged to have continued with her behaviour that one day she scolded her husband in the presence of his sister saying she would never stop having se_x with Ngoni. “Wakajaidzwa namai vako unoda kuitirwa nani, enda pastove uone yekutama inini handiite izvozvo. Inini ndicharamba ndichisvi*a na Tsano Ngoni kusvika wafa hapana chawati waona,” she said.

A family gathering was called for the two sets of families so that they could discuss the matter but the talks collapsed as the in-laws exchanged harsh words. A close relative said things got out of hand when Ngoni was allowed to stay with the two in January this year while looking for a job.

“Ngoni came to stay with the two and he had nothing but things started to change as he started buying new things while he was not working”. Darangwa on the other hand could not shed much light on the issue saying his profession does not allow him to speak to the press. Loice could not entertain this publication when asked for comment, choosing to hang the phone. Several text WhatsApp messages were sent to her mobile and were read but she never responded.

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