Married Woman goes for 26 years without S E X


Married Woman goes for 26 years without S E X. A 72-YEAR-old man was last week dragged to the Civil Court by his wife for denying her her conjugal rights for the past 26 years. Dorothy Kanyeda said she feared her husband Jospek Kanyeda was having extra marital affairs and denying her the Bedroom One Eyed Monster.

The couple married in 1966. She now wants a peace order against her husband.

“I suspect he is quenching his sexual appetite somewhere because for the past 26-years he has been denying me my conjugal rights,” she said.


Dorothy told magistrate Mr Trevor Nyatsanza that Kanyeda often sent thugs to assault her.

“He said he wanted to kill me and throw my body in the bush.

“He is organising thugs to kill me and those thugs are always stalking me wherever I go,” she said.

“He sold our house in Chitungwiza and now he is threatening to evict me from our matrimonial home to accommodate his girlfriend.”

Mr Kanyeda denied the allegations. “I am 72-years old. What will I do with a girlfriend at this age?” he said.

Kanyeda said he still loved Dorothy.

Mr Nyatsanza ordered both parties to bring witnesses to court.