Married Woman sending me pictures ASINA Kupfeka – Please Help Tete


Married Woman sending me pictures ASINA Kupfeka – Please Help Tete. Mai ava loves to show off…

Question: How are you Tete Molly, i have a question here that i hope you will be able to help me with. It all started when i helped build a durawall at this newly wed couple in West view Kadoma. Murume was always at work and the wife at home so i was given the wife’s numbers to communicate whenever i needed supplies. At first it was all innocent then one night she sent me a picture asina kupfeka paApp. She immediately apologised and said she sent it by mistake. I said its not a problem and things went back to normal. But she continued with her mistakes, the photos were now getting worse and worse. Don’t get me wrong Tete, i am a man i love mapics akadaro like any other man but this woman is married and to me hazviite. My question Tete Molly is what do i do? how do i tell her i am not interested?

Answer: Are you still working on the house or you are done? If you are done BLOCK HER and Delete her numbers. Clearly you don’t want her so it should be easy to tell her. Also remind her that she is married! Hope that answers you….