Married woman sends Neighbour Message begging for se_x…Chats leak,Go Viral on Social Media


AN EPWORTH woman’s se_x crave sold her out leading to her to be caught red-handed with another man in their bedroom on Monday.The 31-year-old Florence Ngwenya was caught by her husband only identified as Sibanda on the brink of having se_x with a married man Eilvis Chakwizira who is believed to be a law consultant.

Florence is second wife to Sibanda and the latter got the shock of his life walking in on the two ca_ressing each other.

Chakwizira was confronted by Sibanda before he escaped from the scene and Sibanda snatched Florence’s mobile phone and their WhatsApp conversations exposed their shenanigans.


Florence,an air time vendor,sent a message around 5am via WhatsApp asking Chakwizira to visit her place for a ‘quickie’ before he leaves for work.

Chakwizira responded by sending a photograph of his er_ect manhood and sent a message promising to quench Florence’s se_xual thirst.

Sibanda a motor mechanic,confirmed the incident saying he discovered that Chakwizira’s contact number was saved as the name of one of his relatives following a tip off.

“I was aware that Chakwizira’s mobile contact was saved in the name of one of my relatives that is why I managed to see some of the messages and I waited for the day to come early and get him on the ground.

“He threatened to sue me saying he is a lawyer based at Eastgate but how can he sue me when he is the one cheating with my wife.

“I caught the two ca_ressing each other after I visited my second wife early,ndanyepera mukadzi wangu wekutanga kuti ndiri kumhanyira kubasa.From Florence’s WhatsApp conversations she is the one who demanded to have se_x with Chakwizira atogeza mota yake achimhanyira makadzi wangu,’said Sibanda.

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